The AI ​​that catches you if you use your smartphone while driving

According to statistics, thousands of deaths on the street every year are caused by distractions linked to the use of smartphone driving. A sore not easy to eradicate, despite the harsher sanctions and awareness campaigns. To correct is a wrong perception of risk, a bad habit potentially fatal for oneself and others. In this fight against irresponsibility we insert theartificial intelligence as a useful tool to detect infringements and act as a deterrent.

Do you use the smartphone behind the wheel? The AI ​​catches you

The reference is to the initiative implemented in Australia, more precisely in New South Wales, where an IA system is used in order to analyze photographs taken of cars in transit to independently identify those that immortalize a driver distracted by the phone. The images are then reviewed by an operator in the flesh to avoid false positives.

Being a first experimental phase, in the event of confirmation, the driver will be admonished for now. Later it will automatically switch off fine: from the equivalent of about 210 euros and five points on the license up to 280 euros and ten points in case of recurrence or if the violation is carried out in urban centers near the schools. The promoters are optimistic (perhaps too much), hoping that the technology can get to zero the number of accidents of this type within the next five years.

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There are no implications for the privacy (the cameras are positioned so as not to immortalize the face of the driver or passengers), but someone fears that the measure could trigger a wave of appeals by those who will support a wrong interpretation of the images. All problems that can be avoided with a simple accessory that can add Bluetooth audio for calls to older models (by now you can find them a few euros) and becoming aware that a fraction of a second is enough with the eyes on the smartphone to destroy one's own life and that of others.

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