Tesla, new patent for a touch sensitive steering wheel

Hold the steering wheel it is not only a question of safety, but also of pleasure: according to the logic of Tesla, and according to what is expressed in some patents recently filed by the group, holding the steering wheel must also and above all be a position of control over the passenger compartment and domination over the travel conditions. Like? By moving the controls and hands on the steering wheel, so that the eyes can stay on the road: autonomous driving or not, supervision is essential regardless, for now.

According to discovered by Electrek, Tesla is imagining a new type of steering wheel which in the central part prepares a series of controls below one touch sensitive surface . The two horizontal spokes would contain such "touch" zones, easy to operate with the thumbs, while at the bottom there would be light indicators capable of providing immediate feedback on what is being done (gear change, audio volume change, change of the interior temperature, etc.).

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Part of the operations accessible from the display, therefore, could move on the steering wheel, obtaining two types of advantages: first, having immediately basic car functions available, for a more instinctive control; second, to simplify the display interface and thus make "secondary" functions more easily accessible.

Interesting is the use of sound to give the user the right feedback once the command has been given: the silence of a passenger compartmentelectric car it favors this type of approach, therefore small sound signals are able to communicate at best with the pilot to ensure that not only does the steering wheel put full control of the situation in his hands, but also makes immediate understanding of the context more relaxing the driving experience.

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