Tesla, new ordinary shares worth $ 2 billion

Tesla he's going to issue $ 2 billion in ordinary shares . Although similar information should mostly concern the financial world and those who intend to invest in the TSLA title, there is actually more to understand. In fact, in these maneuvers lies the very future of the group and its ambitions.

Choose aelectric car, today is an option that communicates many aspects of the buyer: sensitivity to the environment, ability to face a decision that involves planning and commitment, a cult of innovation and other aspects are clearly part of the purchase choice. Choose one Tesla it is even more iconic, since the brand embodies all these values ​​becoming a banner of a real way of being: hence the success of the project of Elon Musk .

2 billion in capital collected (an option that only a few weeks ago Musk himself rejected strongly) mean on the one hand a possible difficulty in supporting the investments incurred (an aspect that more than once has put the company in crisis in front of the giants of Wall Street ), but on the other the incessant race to optimize the capabilities of a company that is about to put the new one on the market Model Y, which is about to open the first proprietary line for the development of battery cells, who is about to start production of the madman Cybertruck, who is chasing the autonomous driving and that – while stumbling on risks determined by Coronavirus – runs on the stock exchange in search of new records .

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Management's move is accompanied by a completely significant symbolic gesture: the same Elon Musk will buy for 10 million new shares therefore putting our own in this capital increase. A clear message to everyone: trust Tesla, trust Musk. And if that's not enough, trust Larry Elison (Oracle): a member of the Tesla board, he will also face a $ 1 million investment in shares. In fact, raising capital at this stage is not enough, on the contrary: trust could be worth even more.

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