Tesla Model Y, the trunk is a nice surprise

There Tesla Model Y it will only be one Tesla Model 3 more generous in size? The most critical have been carrying on this suspicion for weeks, waiting for the road test to have its say. But in the meantime, the first images begin to bear witness to a few more details, leaving glimpses of issues that can make the difference. Space, first of all. In trunk , particularly.

The trunk of the Tesla Model Y

The detractors of the brand see in Model Y an idea destined to cannibalize the sales of the other models, without however adding anything to the group's auto portfolio Elon Musk . If on a practical level, everything will be easily measurable in sales numbers, at the theoretical level, the time has come to analyze Model Y in detail to understand its potential. Among the elements that Electrek has highlighted, starting from the first images of the prototypes photographed online, there is all the generosity of the space available in the trunk.

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Tesla declares on this front one cargo space of 1.9 cubic meters: although the car is approved for the transport of 7 adult passengers , the seats in the queue are reclining giving extra space to the trunk. The choice can therefore be twofold: a particularly large trunk or two additional seats.

The Model Y offers maximum versatility, with 7 passenger seats and lots of cargo space. Every single seat in the second row can be folded down, creating a very flexible loading space for skis, furniture, luggage and much more. The opening of the tailgate allows access to the floor of the luggage compartment positioned at the bottom, facilitating and speeding up loading / unloading operations.

The first deliveries of the new Tesla Model Y are expected In mid-March, which means that there will be a lot of additional information on the topic soon. The declared autonomy is the focus of attention, an aspect on which the group intends to make a difference.

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