Tesla calls 15000 Model X for a power steering problem

Tesla has started a voluntary recall of some cars sold in past years, asking the owners to take them to an authorized group center in order to carry out checks and corrections in order to avoid possible problems or dangers for people. At the center of the "voluntary recall" is the SUV Model X and these are models sold in Canada and the USA before October 2016.

Tesla Model X: 15,000 cars recalled

In the present case, Tesla is the subject of the power steering: Tesla noted that in some areas, where anti-ice salt is not used on the roads – but calcium chloride or magnesium chloride, there is a abnormal corrosion of this component, such as to impose a precautionary corrective action. Although no accident has been recorded, the recall of the cars would prevent this eventuality from happening.

The notice was sent privately by Tesla to the owners of the cars in question: the quantity of Tesla cars recalled is estimated just over 15 thousand units . The intervention is obviously free of charge and involves the replacement of possibly damaged parts, as well as the application of anti-corrosive materials where the surfaces are damaged.

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In the past Tesla has already made two other voluntary "recall", with much larger numbers. This appears to be a minor case, but emblematic of the attention that the group is pouring on the issue of safety to prevent a burr from compromising the image of the company, bringing dangers to customers and enriching speculators with arguments.

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