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Fighting the scourge of digital illiteracy is a priority today. Among the initiatives put in place by public and private organizations there is also that of Acer which for 2020 announces the renewal of the program Innovative School addressed to the entire EMEA area: the declared objective is to support schools in adopting new technologies and their journey towards Digital Transformation.

Acer Innovative School: technology for schools

Renew the educational environment to create new skills then necessary for entering the world of work, this is the purpose. Technology as an enabling factor useful for breaking down barriers through the adoption of more effective, engaging and inclusive learning methods and experiences.

The institutes enrolled in the program have the opportunity to participate in webinars to stay up to date on trends and new tools with training sessions on Windows and Chrome platforms with relevant apps, to share their experiences through the Acer for Education blog and request two demo devices every year. For teachers then the opportunity to participate in the Teachers Advisory Council with specially organized training sessions.

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The press release sent to the editorial office also underlines how the Innovation Schools are encouraged to take part in the project Humanity Acer focused on respect for the environment and the importance of communities.

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