tab management will improve thanks to Microsoft and Edge

Competitors, but also partners. So Microsoft is Google they face one another within a market browser regulated by new dynamics. The decision to adopt the Chromium engine for the renewed Edge (available for download for a couple of weeks) prompted the Redmond group to contribute to the initiative which also forms the basis on which it is developed and updated Chrome.

Chrome will improve tab management

We had already talked about it on these pages a few days ago, signaling how Microsoft's contribution will be useful to reduce the consumption of resources by Chrome. The same will happen with regard to management of open tabs within the software: it will be possible to select more than one and move them to a new window through a single command to be given through the contextual menu, as already happens in Edge.

The new feature will debut first in the Canary version of Chrome, then in the Dev and Beta versions, finally in the stable and definitive release. This is certainly not a feature capable of revolutionizing the experience offered by the browser, but useful for describing how the two companies are ready to collaborate with a common goal, to improve the quality of the respective navigation software.

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That said, the competition between the parties is far from archived: just think that Microsoft will soon force the modification of the default search engine in Chrome, from Google to Bing, for professional users who will install Office 365 ProPlus.

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