Surface Neo and Surface Duo videos appear: here they are

Just on the day when catalyzing the attention in the mobile territory is the new Galaxy S20 line just presented by Samsung, here are two interesting videos that show in action Surface Neo is Surface Duo. These are the devices dual screen announced last October that Microsoft will bring to the market by the end of the year, the first with a Windows 10X operating system, the second instead based on Android.

Surface Neo and Surface Duo, here they are

Let's start with Surface Neo which thanks to its slightly wider diagonal (13 inches when open) winks more at productivity. The clip, lasting just over a minute and a half, first shows a designer struggling with photo editing using the double touch screen and the interaction with the fingers or nib to adjust settings and parameters, then as the team of PicsArt has adapted its software for optimized execution on two panels.

As for Surface Duo (8.3 inches in total), attention is focused on Adobe Spark and how the device's form factor can be useful for quickly creating the graphic content to be used for an effective advertising campaign, even without having particular skills in marketing or advertising.

The latter clip in particular highlights how the work required of developers to adapt the Android applications the two screens are within everyone's reach: "a few lines of code are enough" according to Adobe.

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Microsoft has not yet published the two films officially, but at this point it is legitimate to assume that he will do it soon. Precise prices and timelines for the availability of the two devices have not yet been announced.

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