Surface Hub 2X: upgrade canceled by Microsoft?

The Redmond team has promised in the past to make one available to Surface Hub 2S buyers hardware cartridge to be integrated into the device capable of acting as a real upgrade, transforming it into what has been baptized Surface Hub 2X. Apparently the launch window, initially set for 2020, will not be respected.

Surface Hub 2X will not arrive in 2020

Given that at the moment there are no confirmations (nor denials) in this regard, this is what is learned from the video shared below which shows the line-up of the range arriving within the year. The direct reference to 85-inch model, but no mention for the add-on that includes processor, RAM and video card. The clip is extracted from a webinar not intended for public dissemination, but reserved for collaborators and resellers of Microsoft products.

The transition from Surface Hub 2S to Surface Hub 2X will also bring (should have brought) an update of the operating system (Windows Core instead of Windows 10 Team) and extra features such as the possibility of rotate the panel 90 degrees, so as to allow the user to switch from landscape to portrait mode at any time and vice versa. In any case, it cannot be excluded that this feature can be implemented via software update even without using the cartridge.

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An intervention is expected Microsoft on the matter to learn more. Certainly the company will have a lot to do within the year also in view of the launches of Surface Neo, Surface Duo and on the X version of the Windows 10 platform intended for dual screens and folding. It cannot be excluded that these priorities ended up delaying the upgrade for Surface Hub 2S.

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