strike workers and continuity of service

We reported the measures put in place by Amazon globally and also intended for our country to deal with the emergency coronavirus recognizing benefits to employees at work in the e-commerce chain and to support those affected by the disease. In this article we try to understand what is happening in the structure of Castel San Giovanni, in the province of Piacenza, the heart of the Italian logistics for the group.

Amazon, Castel San Giovanni: strike and continuity of service

There are many newspapers, local and otherwise, that speak of one strike called by the operators of the structure and the failure to reach an agreement between the company and the unions as regards the safety measures to be taken to protect workers. The site also announced this PiacenzaSera which cites a note sent to the editorial staff by Marco Alquati (CISL), Elisa Barbieri (CGIL), Vincenzo Guerriero (UIL) and Pino De Rosa (UGL). We report it in its entirety.

Hereby the trade union organizations, together with the RSA and RLS present in the production site of Castel San Giovanni, following the meeting with the trade union delegates that took place in the afternoon, after the many and numerous requests made to protect the health of workers , I am experiencing Amazon's failure to fully apply what has been translated into the agreement signed between the Government and the Social Partners, with the drafting of the Protocol for the contrast and containment of the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, wanting make changes to our proposal, in fact weakening the purpose that the whole community is giving itself. We consider this behavior unacceptable and dangerous for the health of employees and their external contacts.

For all these reasons the writers 00.SS. declare the state of agitation with immediate effect and which translates with the abstention of optional and / or compulsory overtime and with the strike from the night shift at 8 pm of today, and until the transposition and full compliance with the provisions.

Testimonies of what is happening are also shared on the boards of social networks.

CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY: AMAZON, STRIKE IN CASTELSANGIOVANNIE 'the agreement between unions and Amazon for respect has been skipped …

Published by Diego Bianchi up Monday 16th March 2020

A completely similar situation seems to occur in others distribution centers, including that of Passo Corese in the province of Rieti.

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Amazon's position

This is the reply provided by the company to the press.

The well-being of our employees, our suppliers and our customers is paramount. We are strictly following the indications provided by the Government and local health authorities in implementing the right measures in all sites to contain the ongoing health emergency.

The group also clarifies the indications given in the couriers who deal with deliveries. From direct experience we can confirm that these are precautions already taken for a few days, including the one concerning the customer's signature.

Delivery personnel are required to maintain a precautionary distance of at least one meter from the customer during deliveries. Once the delivery address has been reached, the driver will have to ring or knock on the door, and leave the parcel on the ground, moving back at least one meter from the door while waiting for the customer to collect the parcel. To eliminate any type of contact, we also do not require the customer's signature upon receipt.

Always referring to the statements already entrusted to the local press, Amazon ensures that it is working to do everything in its power to ensure the continuity of service. The reports concerning out of stock and delays in deliveries however there is no shortage.

Our employees are working to deliver to customers, many of whom have no alternative but home delivery to receive what they need most. Starting this week, we are also giving priority to receiving and shipping the items that our customers need most right now. We talk about products such as groceries, products for health and personal care, objects necessary for working from home, books and toys for children.

We contacted Amazon communications officers in our country. Any further statements or comments will be reported in this article.

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