stop advertising of the templates on Google

In order to avoid any risk of abuse, Google has decided to temporarily prevent the display of advertisements related to the sale of medical masks on its advertising circuits. A decision made in the context of the coronavirus emergency that now affects a large part of the world.

No advertising for the templates on Google

The stop does not currently concern other types of products that in recent weeks we have seen to be affected by unjustified price increases such as sanitizing gels. In any case, it cannot be excluded that the measure may be extended later also to articles of a different nature. This is the brief statement entrusted by the Mountain View group to the editorial staff of the CNBC website.

Out of caution, we decided to temporarily ban all advertisements for medical masks. We are actively monitoring the situation and will continue to take action, when necessary, to protect users.

However, some days may pass before all forms of advertising already distributed and related to the templates disappear from Google platforms.

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Focusing attention onItaly, in recent weeks the Authority for Competition and Market has turned to e-commerce asking for clarifications on the practices implemented in order to combat speculation related to coronavirus. Among those who responded is Amazon, claiming to have moved by eliminating over a million products with a non-compliant description and canceling thousands of adverts at inflated prices.

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