Stan Pavlovsky has been appointed new CEO

After 16 years driving Shutterstock, founder Jon Oringer (in the opening image) announces his intention to leave the role of CEO which will pass into the hands of Stan Pavlovsky (in the photo attached below). However, he will not leave the group, remaining his majority shareholder and taking on the role of Executive Chairman of the New York company.

Stan Pavlovsky is the new CEO of Shutterstock

Created in 2003, the company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2012 and today represents one of the stock for images and multimedia content best known and used by press officers and operators in the online world. It brings together over a million contributors on its platform with tens of thousands of photographs uploaded and offered for sale every day: the catalog currently has more than 310 million, while the video archive is stationary to 17 million clips.

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Stan Pavlovsky, the new CEO of Shutterstock

Today the capitalization value of Shutterstock stands at just over 1.5 billion dollars, three times that of 2016, testifying to the growth triggered in recent years despite the activity in an area where competition is certainly not lacking. Until 2014, however, things were even better, so much so that in that period it reached a peak of 3.5 billion dollars. The company has recently been at the center of a controversy over the censorship applied to research content in the Chinese market.

Oringer, in taking leave from the role of managing director, underlines how from the foundation the service has recognized to freelance photographers altogether over $ 1 billion.

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