Spot, the Boston Dynamics quadruped robot pulls the rickshaw

When two and a half years ago Boston Dynamics went from Google to SoftBank in many spoke of a sale by bigG established also because of a not exactly reassuring aspect of robot designed. The video shared today on YouTube by Adam Savage and starring the unit Spot it seems to want to fill this gap by showing the funniest and funniest side of technology: the automaton carries a rickshaw.

Robotics according to Boston Dynamics

An exercise in style in itself, it must be said, however useful to understand how the versatility and adaptability of the automaton are among its main strengths. The most recent version presented last September is ready for use in industrial environment, complete with a programmable interface to complete the most varied tasks, even in weather conditions or in less than ideal temperatures.

Some technical specification on Spot: can reach a speed of 1.6 m / s, integrates a removable battery with sufficient charge for a 90-minute use without interruptions, the 360-degree camera system allows you to manage every aspect of the movement avoiding obstacles in autonomy, rises without requiring external intervention in the event of a fall, is IP54 certified, can work with temperature ranges from -20 to + 45 ° C and can carry loads up to a maximum weight of 14 kg.

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On your own official site, Boston Dynamics offers some examples of the possible areas of use of the robot: patrol of construction sites, control operations in oil plants or for gas storage, surveillance of public or private spaces, entertainment. The function Autowalk records everything that happens around the unit and the decisions made by the on-board system during operation.

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