speaker and router, with Alexa voice

Huawei AI Cube it is a unique device of its kind and as such must be judged: after trying it for a few days, it is clear that this consideration cannot be ignored. The device is two things in one:

  • one speaker with assistant Alexa
  • a router for the home environment

It would be a mistake to compare it with a speaker, just as it would be wrong to compare it simply to a router: Huawei AI Cube is both, meets both needs and, net of some sacrifices due to the necessary compromises, presents itself in its uniqueness as an interpreter of specific needs.

Huawei AI Cube: price and features

Huawei AI Cube is a device approximately 21cm high, with a base of diameter of about 12cm. The low front part is covered with a soft gray retina, particularly pleasant to the touch; the upper front part is in white plastic, apparently too sensitive to dirt. On the upper wall there are 4 microphones and 4 buttons, essential elements to ensure user interaction with the assistant. A SIM slot is available in the lower part. On the back are accessible both the power plug, as well as the socket for the LAN connection, as well as 3 LEDs and two controls to manage the switching on of the device.

Huawei AI Cube is available today on Amazon at the price of 159 euros.

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Huawei AI Cube: speaker and router, together

Like a speaker

Like a speaker, with Huawei technology and Alexa heart. Since in many ways the standard is represented by Amazon Echoes, it is with these that it can be compared more easily. Compared to an Echo Plus it is much higher and with a slightly larger diameter, presenting itself as a truncated cone of certainly important dimensions and not indifferent weight. The colored LED is typical of the Echo iconography, as are the upper buttons for device controls. The surface is plastic and seems to easily attract dust, but the white used is pleasant as well as the general impact from an aesthetic point of view. The retina is soft to the touch, less compact than that of the Amazon counterpart.

Matt and elegant white color with gray fabric section and seamless 3D finishes for a refined look that integrates perfectly with the home environment. Thanks to its design it perfectly suits the modern taste and the trend of high-end domestic products.

From the point of view of audio quality, the evident sensation is that a typical Echo has a different heat, showing less power and greater sound quality. At the same time the listening microphones seem more sensitive, but the understanding is not always the same level (placing Huawei AI Cube and Amazon Echo side by side, vocal stimuli have always responded before, well in advance, the Huawei device – not always, however, with equal effectiveness). The performances therefore appear muscular, but not always refined.

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Amazon Echo and Huawei AI Cube

Like a router

As a router, AI Cube manifests an easy initial setting, such that it can be easily adopted in any home. The signal range itself is excellent, covering all environments even where good level routers do not arrive. That said, the configuration software appears more spartan and offers less customization possibilities, which excludes the possibility of use where there are specific configuration capabilities or particular needs.

4G router that supports the 4G LTE CAT6 standard up to 300Mbps and Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Dual-Band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz up to the speed of 1200Mbps.

Particularly interesting is the easy placement of one micro SIM in the lower part, which allows a dual source of traffic to be transformed into a Wifi signal: SIM and LAN therefore compete for bandwidth management, while it seems impossible to install the cascade device, thus connecting it in Wifi under another router. The latter flaw seems serious for the installation in the home of the device, but it is at the same time a compromise fully suited to the nature of the device. Indeed, it is perhaps the clearest key to reading it: it is not a router, just as it is not a speaker, but it is both in an indissoluble way. And as such it must be managed and judged.

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