Sonos reports Google: a matter of audio patents

Information from two lawsuits filed by Are S towards Google and concerning the alleged violation of a total of five patents related to audio technologies integrated in the wireless speakers. The manufacturer also asked the International Trade Commission to ban the sale of Mountain View group smartphones, laptops and speakers in the United States.

Sonos against Google for audio patents

At the heart of the dispute is the system for signal sharing audio in multiroom mode. According to the allegation, the bigG allegedly unduly stolen it through a partnership signed in 2013 by the two companies to guarantee Sonos devices native support to the Play Music platform dedicated to streaming.

Google would have used the technology in an unauthorized way earlier in the dongle Chromecast Audio (no longer marketed), then in the line's smart speakers Home (now Nest) and in the range phones pixel. On the table also the practices implemented by the group for the collection of information during the use of the devices.

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Sonos would have communicated the problem to bigG already in 2016 after the presentation of the first smart speaker of the Home family, continuing until February of last year, without receiving an exhaustive response and thus deciding later to proceed by legal channels. These i devices affected by the alleged infringement: Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, Nest WiFi, Pixel smartphones, Pixel Slate tablets and Pixelbook laptops.

The company also claims to have detected similar behavior on the part of Amazon in relation to the Echo line based on Alexa, however, preferring not to undertake a second proceeding in conjunction with that initiated against Google. Finally, remember that Sonos has recently acquired Snips, AI platform for interaction using voice commands: in all likelihood the intention is to launch your own alternative.

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