Smartphones continue to push Samsung's business

The general slowdown in the hi-tech market has negatively affected quarterly of Samsung, as shown by the financial results published by the South Korean group. There chip request to be integrated in the devices, in particular those of memory, has fallen and consequently the revenue for the company, standing at 53 billion dollars in the three months ended September 30, with -5.3% compared to the same period last year . Also profits, almost 56%, stopped at 6.71 billion dollars.

Samsung's business: less chips and more smartphones

However, nothing is not foreseen by analysts. There is, however, one aspect of the coin: the mobile business of the company is healthy: the brand continues to play a leading role in the sector smartphone with the Galaxy line which recorded + 17.4%. The sales of the range are very good note10 and the most economical A league. It did not go the best way because the Galaxy Fold fold has met the well-known technical obstacles following the launch of the past few months.

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Sector-related revenue also declined TV. The supply of display, especially those of the OLED type, instead it goes through a positive trend. The advent of the 8K era that could push users to upgrade.

For what concern 2020, the company remains cautious: the uncertainties affecting the economy on a global level prevent us from looking to the next year with excessive enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the increasingly widespread diffusion of 5G networks could further push up the sales volumes of the phones, thanks to a demand for models compatible with the new generation networks.

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