Smartphone and 5G from Huawei without American technology

The inclusion of Huawei in the US Entity List by the Trump administration actually prevents the Chinese group from acquiring components or technology produced in the United States to be included in your devices or services without an explicit authorization issued by the Department of Commerce. In Shenzhen they are showing they can take alternative routes.

Huawei's technology is America-Free

According to analysts the series of smartphone Mate 30 it is the first made by the Asian brand not to include any hardware apparatus of American origin. The same is true for the most recent incarnations of equipment destined for 5G networks, a market in which the company maintains global leadership despite the ban imposed by various countries. This is the brief statement entrusted to the editing of the Wall Street Journal by Huawei Suffolk of Huawei that actually sounds like a confirmation.

All our 5G devices are now America-Free. We would like to continue using American components. It is good for American industry. It is good for Huawei. The possibility has been taken from us.

The speech could be different with regards to the software front: Microsoft has already been given the green light to provide Huawei with the necessary licenses to include the Windows operating system in the MateBook family laptops and it is not to be excluded that soon Google can do the same to continue to support smartphones based on Android, both those already on the market and those that will be launched in the future.

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In any case it is good to remember that the Chinese company has already prepared an alternative platform: HarmonyOS, currently intended exclusively for TV and equipment for smart home or Internet of Things, but also capable of running on mobile devices.

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