smart working for Apple employees worldwide

With a note signed by Tim Cook and circulated within the company, Apple encourages its employees to work from home in mode smart working at least for the week between today (March 9) and Friday March 13. The aim of the measure is obviously to help limit the spread of coronavirus which has now manifested itself in much of the world.

Coronavirus: work from home for all Apple employees

Last week the Cupertino group had asked to do the same as the staff employed in the Seattle and California offices after that SARS-CoV-2 had manifested in those areas. Now affected by COVID-19 globally, there are over 110,000 with around 3,800 deaths and 62,000 complete healings (the numbers are those provided by the World Health Organization and reported on the contagiously updated map).

The new bitten apple directive is aimed in particular at employees who are in the countries currently most affected by the coronavirus: in addition to the two already mentioned U.S. territories, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany and France. The interested parties are guaranteed by the company that they will not be penalized in terms of compensation.

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To deal with the emergency, in early February Apple decided to close all the offices and stores in China, then starting to reopen them from the following weeks. The company's business could suffer a significant impact also in terms of product availability and sales, iPhone in the first place. A hypothesis that all the biggest names in the hi-tech universe are already evaluating.

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