searches on Google increase in the last week

Last Friday, in these hours, we asked ourselves a question: "Are we already tired of the coronavirus?". The input from the observation of the flattening that affected the research curve on the key "Coronavirus" during the previous days. Considering what has happened since then to today we can give us an answer: "no".

Coronavirus: searches start to rise again

Fortunately, we add, because information (that which has not been altered or distorted) can constitute the first line of defense against disease. Continuing to refer to the cold numbers, Google Trends today the one-week photography that saw the theme return to interest and worry Italians again. While not reaching the maximum volume recorded on Sunday 23 February again, just after the announcement of the first infection in our country, another peak reached on Monday 9 March, in the hours immediately following the intervention of the Prime Minister, who actually blocked the entire national territory.

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The volume of Google searches for the key

Research on the "coronavirus" key in Italy from 20 February to 10 March

The graph above refers to the period from February 20 to March 10. Data for the last few days are not yet available at the time this article is written and published. At the level of regions, in Lombardy the query was entered several times. Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Piedmont and Umbria follow (share calculated in relation to the inhabitants).

The trend in United States where, as in other countries, the coronavirus emergency is starting to get serious. A completely similar graph is also shown taking le as a reference searches around the world.

The volume of Google searches for the key

The advice is, as always, to refer primarily to official and institutional sources to find information and updates.

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