scan your face for a SIM card

Yesterday entered into force in China a new law requiring applicants for a card SIM Card to undergo a facial scan to be used later on Facial recognition, an increasingly common practice in the Asian country. To sign a new contract with a mobile operator, it will no longer be sufficient to provide an identity document.

Your face for a SIM: it happens in China

From Beijing come reassurances on what are the reasons for such a choice: "protect the rights and interests of citizens in cyberspace, as well as prevent identity theft and unauthorized resale of the cards". A declaration in any case not sufficient to clear the field of doubts and fears related to the implications for the privacy.

In China the use of facial recognition and more generally ofartificial intelligence for the purposes of surveillance (we have written several times on these pages too) is increasingly common. While technology is useful to speed up and simplify services and activities such as payments or access to locations (concerts, shows, airports, etc.), on the other there are those who fear it can be used to exercise excessive control and almost dystopic towards the population, in particular those ethnic minorities (the Uyghurs of Islamic faith above all) repeatedly and for a long time targeted in the territory.

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The question, however, does not hold the bench only in the East. Me too'Europe questioned in recent months on the need to introduce stakes to practices of this type, in an attempt to maintain the protection of privacy an inviolable priority.

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