Samsung presents the new PCIe series PM1733 and PM1735 SSDs

New entry in the catalog of PCIe SSD (fourth generation) produced by Samsung: the new series PM1733 and PM1735 have been announced today and intended to be offered in 19 different models. They reach speeds of 8,000 MB / s thanks to what the South Korean group defines as three key software technologies.

Samsung SSD: new PM1733 and PM1735 series

The first is called Fail-in-Place and guarantees operation even when one or more NAND chips are subject to a malfunction. The second refers to the system of SSD Virtualization which allows you to divide it into up to 64 smaller units by providing independent access to different users. Finally, the V-NAND Machine Learning increases performance in data analysis and management, returning particularly useful in the data center.

These are the words of Kye Hyun Kyung, Executive Vice President of the Memory Solution Product & Development division for Samsung Electronics, who do nothing to hide the company's market ambitions.

We are combining incredible speed and capacity with revolutionary software solutions to accelerate expansion in the premium SSD market. We plan to introduce further innovations driven by our most advanced sixth generation V-NAND so as to foster further growth in the global IT market.

Samsung SSD, PM1733 and PM1735 series

Production of PM1733 and PM1735 started last month. The following are the models proposed in the 2.5-inch form factor and HHHL (card type), prices have not been announced.

  • Samsung SS1733 PCIe SSD: 0.96 TB, 1.92 TB (also HHHL), 3.84 TB (also HHHL), 7.68 TB (also HHHL), 15.36 TB (also HHHL) and 30.72 TB ;
  • Samsung SSD PCIe PM1735: 0.80 TB, 1.60 TB (also HHHL), 3.20 TB (also HHHL) TB, 6.40 TB (also HHHL) and 12.80 TB (also HHHL).
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