Samsung Dexbook to turn Galaxy S20 into a laptop?

Include the functionality of a desktop or laptop computer in the form factor of a smartphone. This is what manufacturers are trying to do by bringing the first folding devices to the market and it is how much Samsung has been trying to offer for some years now with DeX technology. Apparently the South Korean group is ready for yet another step forward in this direction: the first rumors appear on Dexbook.

Dexbook to turn Samsung Galaxy into PC

As you can already guess from the name it is an accessory that transforms the phone (imagine Galaxy S20 and its predecessors) into a real laptop. A portable monitor in all respects with diagonal from 14.1 inches and weighing less than 1 kg. Unlike current solutions such as USB-HDMI adapters for connection to traditional displays, compactness as well as optimization in terms of software and interface could be added values.

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Samsung DeX technology

There should also be one inside Dexbook 10,000 mAh battery for the power supply so as not to depend on a power outlet, which can, among other things, act as a power bank in case you need to recharge your smartphone. Mouse and keyboard would not be supplied, although we imagine they can be connected to manage documents and tools dedicated to productivity. Otherwise you would be faced with a generously sized panel useful only for the use of multimedia content.

The source of the ETNews indiscretion speaks of a similar project also put in place by LG, however with battery with halved capacity (5,000 mAh). Both companies are expected to start production by the second quarter of the year and then launch the screens on the market between summer and early autumn. The details leaked about the prices speak of a range between 339 and 423 dollars (therefore about 310-390 euros) for the Samsung model.

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The range Galaxy S20 is already in pre-order on Amazon with deliveries of the first units purchased scheduled for March 10. Here are the basic prices of the three models:

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