Ring licenses four employees for watching user videos

According to what we read in one letter sent on January 6 by Amazon to some US senators who had asked the company to clarify the matter, Ring has fired four employees held responsible for unauthorized access to videos captured by surveillance devices placed in users' homes and saved on the cloud.

Ring: via the employees who spied on users

Recently the brand has been talked about several times in relation to issues relating to the privacy: in December, the credentials relating to thousands of accounts ended online (the company denied the attack) and in recent months there has been discussion of collaboration with the police forces to exploit private video cameras to ensure public security. The first of the two problems has been at least partially solved by making two-factor authentication mandatory. Returning to today, we report below an extract from the document in which Ring confirms i layoffs.

Over the past four years, Ring has received four reports or complaints about team members who have accessed the videos. In each of the cases, as soon as we were notified of the conduct, we promptly investigated the accident and, after establishing that the subject had broken the company policy, we dismissed him.

Ring Stick Up Cam

The company claims to have also reduced access to data in question to a smaller number of employees: at the moment only three in the whole company can watch the videos captured by the devices placed in the users' homes (it is not specified for what purposes).

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In the past Ring has offered the same opportunity to members of an R&D team located in Ukraine, for purposes related to Research. Now these can observe and analyze only the videos shared publicly and those recorded by themselves, no longer by the normal users of the devices marketed.

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