RenAIssance: ethics and artificial intelligence

On Friday 28 February, a meeting of great importance will be held at the Auditorium in via della Conciliazione in Rome. "RenAIssance – For a Humanistic Artificial Intelligence"It is in fact a meeting and dialogue point where different personalities, representing completely distant approaches to the same problem, will share the mutual interest for the society of the future.

We were born equal In our rights We must and we can build A better society Inclusive Sustainable Really human

The meeting will see the participation of names such as Brad Smith (Microsoft) John Kelly III (IBM Executive Vice President), David Sassoli (President of the European Parliament), Dongyu Qu (FAO director general), Vincenzo Paglia (Academy for Life) e Pope francesco in video connection. To promote the initiative, the Pontifical Academy for Life. During the event, the "Rome Call for AI Ethics ", a document that could become a milestone for the meeting between the world of Ethics and that of Artificial Intelligence.

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Anyone interested in participating and following the contents (free admission) must register with thespecial form.

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