promises and wishes for 2030

With an intervention on the social network, the number one for Facebook puts on black and white what are the objectives of the platform for the next decade: no longer one to do list of twelve months, but wider targets, planned between now and 2030. In the body of the article, the long post signed by Mark Zuckerberg of which we report below a summary of the most important parts.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: promises for 2030

Heavy investments are expected on the augmented reality, starting from the creation of AR glasses with a project that among others also involves Luxottica. This technology, according to the CEO, will at least partially change the ways in which we relate to information and content, despite the fact that smartphones are destined to remain the most widespread and used computing platform for the next decade. A vision that also includes the next evolutions of the virtual reality, although with different purposes, more focused on entertainment and communication.

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I will also change social networks, Including Facebook, responding to two needs expressed by the community. First of all, the need for better protection for the privacy (on this point we know how much the Zuckerberg platform still has to work), then a focus on the interactions between local groups: Shoelace of the competitor Google points precisely in this direction.

Every new year of the last decade I set a personal challenge. My goal was to grow in new ways outside my day-to-day work …

Published by Mark Zuckerberg up Thursday 9 January 2020

You will also need to collaborate more closely with governments and authorities so as to establish new rules to be submitted to hi-tech realities, able to protect the interests of the community and at the same time to accompany the growth of entrepreneurial realities. Economy (think of the uncertainty surrounding the Libra initiative) and politics (the advertising issue) two territories in which to intervene with priority.

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Today's post by the CEO is very different in nature from that shared a year ago with the good intentions for 2019. On these same pages we have repeatedly stressed how Facebook's growth over the last decade has been so sudden as to bring the social network to remain sometimes crushed under its own weight, victim of dynamics that the platform has helped to trigger. Nonetheless, it would be unwise and short-sighted to think that one global community composed by over two and a half billion people cannot play a role of primary importance in defining the next developments in the online world and in the methods of communication. His number one, which only up to twelve months ago celebrated progress in studying Mandarin or programming AI for one's home as goals, now has broader objectives: we are finally facing a necessary hiring of awareness and responsibility?

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