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Due to an unspecified hitch that hit the service between 21 and 25 November 2019 Takeout for the export of information, i private videos uploaded by some users of Google Photos have been sent to others. The Mountain View group made it known today. 0.01% of platform subscribers are interested.

Google Photos and Privacy: serious problem with videos

Those who think that the percentage is negligible must change their mind: it is about 100,000 people considering that the user base has exceeded the billion units last July. A number certainly not indifferent. The repercussions on privacy they are not difficult to imagine. Apologies are coming from bigG to those who in spite of themselves remained involved in the problem, but be careful: the message is not addressed to the legitimate owners of the finished videos on the devices and hard drives of others, but to those who relying on Takeout have inadvertently downloaded them.

If you downloaded your data, it may be incomplete and may contain videos that don't belong to you. The problem has been solved. We recommend performing another export of your content and deleting those previously downloaded.

The problem it's only about videos, not pictures. In a short press release sent to the pages of the 9to5Google site, the company declares itself "deeply sorry" for the affair. We doubt it will be enough to close the matter.

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Further clarifications can be expected in this regard, given the seriousness of what has happened, also in relation to the rigid limits imposed by regulations such as the GDPR that regulate how content is kept in the cloud. These are the videos recorded by users with smartphones during their daily life and uploaded to the platform for backup.

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