Pointy is the new acquisition of Google: physical stores and e-commerce

New acquisition for the Mountain View group: this time Google stretch your hands up pointy, an Irish startup based in Dublin and founded in 2014. It specializes in offering solutions to physical stores who want to improve their online presence by exploiting promotional methods typical of e-commerce.

Pointy: Google, physical stores and e-commerce

The entity of theeconomic investment put on the plate to successfully complete the negotiation was not disclosed. We do know, however, that the company has raised around $ 20 million in funding in the past few years from investors such as Frontline Ventures, Polaris, LocalGlobe and Lars Rasmussen, the latter already working on Maps in the past. A curiosity: this is the second bigG exit for the CEO Mark Cummins, who before Pointy had also sold Plink, an Android tool dedicated to visual search, to Google.

To date, Pointy's proceeds have been generated primarily by the marketing of a hardware device from the price of $ 700 through which merchants can manage a online inventory of products which are located inside or in the store's warehouse, speeding up the process of loading the items and updating their availability.

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Two years ago Google and Pointy also started a collaboration in order to integrate into services such as Maps and the search engine the information acquired by the startup, helping those who manage a shop to reach new potential customers, also through targeted advertising campaigns. We imagine that following the acquisition, the partnership will become even closer.

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