Photoshop celebrates its 30 years with many novelties

Three decades of honored activity behind and not feeling them. Today Photoshop blows out its first 30 candles and Adobe celebrates the anniversary by announcing the introduction of some new features for the most famous photo editing software in the world: they are aimed at both the desktop version of the software and that available on the iPad.

Photoshop news for its 30 years

Let's start with those intended for editions desktop for Windows and macOS computers. The first concerns functionality improvements for the Fill by content to perform different interventions on different portions of the image without ever leaving the work area. A change also made on the basis of feedback received from the user community.

Photoshop: Content-Aware Fill

As for the Lens blur it is now possible to exploit the GPU capabilities to obtain an even more convincing and realistic result, using an advanced algorithm to obtain a better bokeh effect in post-production.

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Photoshop: Lens Blur

Still with regard to the desktop version, Adobe promises a clear step forward on the front performance with greater fluidity in the execution of commands such as pan and zoom.

Moving on to the Photoshop edition for iPad, the software house speaks of a major update with important news concerning for example the Select object which leverages the system's artificial intelligence Sensei AI and machine learning to accurately recognize edges even in the most complex situations with a single touch.

The feature has also been optimized to make the most of freehand interaction with Apple Pencil.

The iPad version is then enriched with some tools already present on the desktop and related to the tool Text. These concern formatting, alignment, styles, kerning and other properties.

Photoshop: Text

There version 1.0 Photoshop has been published exactly 30 years ago, on February 19, 1990. In three decades the program has gone from the introduction of a myriad of tools and technologies that have shaped the world of graphics and photo retouching, recently also leveraging the potential of AI. Today it is also deeply integrated with the cloud world for content management and synchronization.

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