Photos and images in quality JPEG on Twitter thanks to Guetzli

Twitter it is not a platform for photographers, it is not Instagram or Flickr (not that these are free from defects), but now it is taking an important step in the right direction winking at those who rely on it for sharing images: thanks to the use of the encoder Guetzli the quality of the files is no longer compromised as much as in the past.

Quality photos also on Twitter

The announcement comes from Nolan O’Brien, through a post that makes the news known. In short, by uploading a JPEG it will then be found with a quality preserved to 97% and therefore with a minimum difference with respect to the original or in any case not appreciable except by an extremely trained eye.

In any case, some must be taken into account limitations: the dimensions of the images must not exceed 4096 pixels on each side (therefore at most 4096 × 4096 pixels), the file must not weigh more than 5 MB and the orientation (horizontal or vertical) cannot be changed in phase or in following the upload.

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These days another announcement has arrived, always linked to Twitter and related to the upload of multimedia content: le Live Photos of iOS they can be loaded directly on the platform without going through complicated conversion procedures and then being displayed by other users such as Animated GIFs.

Nothing revolutionary, but small steps forward to renew a social network that begins to feel the passing of time and that points to a decentralized future. In the same direction, other initiatives recently put in place, from the restyling for the desktop interface to the possibility of hiding replicas from posts.

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