Philips introduces new televisions with Bowers & Wilkins audio

The announcement of the new ones comes from TP Vision televisions of the range Philips which will make their market debut in the spring. Models born from the renewed collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins in order to offer a quality experience also on the audio front.

Philips 2020 TV with Bowers & Wilkins audio

Let's start from OLED805 (available with 55 or 65 inch diagonal) e OLED855 (55-inch only), both arriving in May. They base their operation on the fourth generation P5 processor with artificial intelligence support for image optimization. There is also the Ambilight system on three sides to illuminate the rear wall, the Android TV platform, a 50 W multi-speaker sound compartment, the use of materials such as metal and leather, a remote control with redesigned layout and pedestal with chrome finish .

Philips OLED TV 805/855

Model 9435 4K UHD LED, also with 50 W B&W audio, includes Ambilight on three sides, P5 processor, compatibility with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos HDR10 + and HLG, a silver anodized metal frame with subtle dark chrome finish, backlit remote control with Muirhead leather upholstery, Android TV and Google and Alexa Assistant AI compatibility.

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Philips 9435 4K UHD LED

The tracking shot ends with 9235 4K UHD LED (43 inches) offering 40W B&W 2.1 sound system, Ambilight on three sides, P5 processor, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos. HDR10 + and HLG, the same remote control mentioned above, Android TV, Google Assistant and Alexa.

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