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When we return to talk about the need to limit the use of cash, Italian post announces a new one digital payment system based on the use of QR code. The solution has been baptized Postepay code and by its very nature it winks at shops and commercial activities: it removes the limitations of a traditional POS, requiring only the use of the smartphone for scanning.

Poste Italiane presents Postepay Code

The presentation was staged during the Innovation Workshop event reserved for investors and organized today by the group in London. It is based on the use ofmobile application of Postepay actively used by over 5 million customers. Among other things, it integrates some additional functions such as geolocation, loyalty programs, the possibility of offering discounts, promotions and cashbacks, without forgetting the transfer of money to any bank account so that you can immediately deposit what the customer has collected.

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Also announced a new partnership with Alipay (controlled by the Chinese Alibaba) to allow access to services related to the QR codes offered by the company, also via Postepay. These are the words of Marco Siracusano, CEO of PostePay SpA.

Postepay has identified the opportunity to propose a fully digital acquiring offer, using QR codes, and will help accelerate the transformation of Italy from the use of cash in payments to digital solutions, using a technology well known in the main Asian markets . The opportunity to access our large customer base and to benefit from a range of value-added services is convincing for Italian SMEs, the backbone of the economy.

The press release shared today also learns that the circuit has over 27 million cards in circulation and more than a billion transactions handled during 2019.

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