Paola Pisano answers to Italia Viva: let's talk about it

At the end of a busy day on the theme ofanonymity online, with Marattin to launch on Twitter the race towards the petition of Italy Viva, the minister for innovation also intervenes, Paola Pisano. Another tweet, another talk on the subject: without going into the matter, the dicastery seems to want to upload the problem to bring it back into a more balanced riverbed. Apart from the petitions, in short, but within the framework of a dialogic table that brings together more parts and more skills.

Paola Pisano: let's talk about it

According to Paola Pisano it is necessary to defend more strongly those who are hit by hate speech, but at the same time it is necessary safeguard freedom of expression: a "but also" that does not seem to add much to today's debate, but that at the same time distances itself from the extemporaneous initiative of Italia Viva. A diplomatic way of reaching out, but at the same time excluding its support for any legislative initiative of this kind.

The risk of this day, as Teresa Bellanova's tweet testifies, is that we do it confusion over the concept of "anonymity": the help of technology already today makes it possible to punish those who violate the law, but too often the platforms are asked to act on their own instead of providing the judiciary with adequate tools. Today's controversies will not help to clarify, but if Minister Pisano manages to organize a serious work table it will probably be possible to open a new phase of confrontation.

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Having said this, all that remains is to await the Marattin draft, so that the debate can go beyond the mere propaganda exploitation of the debate and can fall within the framework of deepening.

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