Pablo Escobar's brother promises to defeat Apple

72 years completed and the will to found a business able to bring the Cupertino group to its knees: Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, brother of the best known Pablo Escobar, came out head-on from a lawsuit for the assignment of the domain, recorded in recent years by a Californian citizen who asked for $ 3 million to sell it. At the moment the address does not lead to any active site, but things will change starting from 2020 when it will host an e-commerce. and the challenge to Apple

Through the portal, Escobar Inc (this is how the company was named by the kinsman of the drug dealer) will sell merchandise, t-shirts and useful products in everyday life as a flame thrower. Elon Musk for the particular gadget of his The Boring Company seems to have stole the idea just to Pablo's brother. The COO of the company has expressed through the pages of the website The Next Web the intention to sue Tesla and SpaceX for number one, with tones that are anything but reassuring ("Plata or plomo" cit).

The flamethrower will be on sale for $ 249. Elon Musk will fall soon, we are preparing an important battle against him. He will regret not having paid us, as anyone else has regretted it.

The ambitions of Escobar Inc anyway they don't stop there. CEO Olof Gustaffson announces his intention to invest in the creation of ahi-tech company innovative that, according to his statements, "will easily beat Apple".

We're about to start a $ 50 million technology company that will easily beat Apple. We will update you!

Last year the company also launched its own cryptocurrency: baptised Bitcoin diet (DDX). In the same period the book entitled "Il Libro" was published Pablo Escobar’s dietbitcoin within which Pablo's brother claims that Bitcoin was not created by the still mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, but by the American government.

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