Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform for machine learning

Announced today by Oracle the availability of Cloud Data Science Platform. Based on the Group's Cloud Infrastructure Data Science, it is a solution for collaboratively creating, educating, managing and implementing models of machine learning within data science.

Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform

Its peculiarity is thecollaborative approach adopted: project sharing, model catalogs, team security policy, reproducibility and verifiability. These are the words of Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President Product Development of Oracle Data and AI Services.

Having effective machine learning models is the basis for the success of data science projects, but the volume and variety of data to be managed can block these initiatives before they even take off, "he comments. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science, we are improving the productivity of individual data scientists by automating their entire workflow, with more important tools that support teamwork, to make sure that data science projects generate real value for companies.

Here are some of the features that characterize automated workflows: Automated selection and tuning of algorithms with AutoML, selection of automated predictive features, evaluation and explanation of models. We refer to official site for more information.

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