Operation Digital Risorgimento, at the school of the Internet

Fighting digital illiteracy by bringing those who are still excluded closer to the Internet and its opportunities, providing some basic skills to learn about the tools offered by the online world and putting its pitfalls on the line. These, in a nutshell, the objectives of the initiative launched by TIM and baptized Digital Risorgimento Operation.

We think that to bring online those who have remained outside do not need appeals and unfortunately we cannot even use a simple app. We want to sit next to them, to each of them, and explain the opportunities of the Web.

TIM: Digital Risorgimento operation

A project structured in over 20,000 hours of lessons involving more than 400 trainers in 107 stages. It will be structured from here to the end of 2020. The first appointments are scheduled in the coming weeks, starting from Sicily: Marsala (11 November), Bagheria (18 November), Sciacca (25 November), Enna (2 December), Niscemi (9 December) and Modica (16 December). The complete calendar on the official website accessible via link at the end of the article.

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The 107 stops scheduled for Operation Digital Renaissance

The goal is ambitious: to get to involve a million people making them become part of the process digital transformation of the country.

TIM defines it as a "mobile school" that will touch the squares of the municipalities by organizing freely accessible branches and classroom courses all free with a training structured in three modules to become "Internet Citizens". The choice to take the initiative not only in large cities, but also in smaller towns, is linked to an assumption of awareness.

… we know that the majority of those excluded from the Net have a very precise profile: they are over 50 years old and live in cities smaller than 60,000 inhabitants.

At the dawn of the 5G era and at a time that is witnessing the increasingly widespread availability of fast connections on the fixed line, with Operation Digital Risorgimento the operator aims to involve anyone who wants to support the commitment and reach the widest possible audience. Because to become familiar with the online world it's never too late.

… as it happened in the 1960s when a TV program was used to teach millions of Italians to read and write.

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