only Surface draws breath

"The most important companies in the world are choosing our cloud solutions for their digital capabilities": Thus Satya Nadella has photographed the state of health of the Microsoft on the occasion of the presentation of quarterly accounts, explaining how the company now begins to focus on other growing markets and with interesting expansion opportunities.

More and more cloud

The cloud it is today the most important asset, since it is consistent on an economic level and as it continues to grow: the bet of Satya Nadella on Azurein short, it has so far been won. The data say that year-on-year growth occurs almost on every single front, albeit at a slightly slower pace than in previous quarters. Two areas, however, see a slight slowdown presumably due to a normal question linked to the product cycle: the areas in red are Surface and the gaming area.

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Within Surface the novelties have been presented only in these days, with Pro 7 and Pro X (a few days available also in Italy) to act as rams in this relaunch. The product range had been successful and growing so far, but the renewal of the range and the leaked rumors have slowed down revenues. In perspective, there is a return to the smartphone area, an area of ​​expansion to which Nadella probably referred (not exclusively) to her quarterly presentation.

In financial terms this is a positive quarter, rewarded by the after-hours market with a slight rise on Wall Street and above all strong on positive numbers in the entire range of Redmond products: from LinkedIn to Office 365, passing through the server world and the Windows 10 OEM offer, the group shows good health and growing numbers.

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