one billion certificates issued

In just over four years from launch, Let's Encrypt announces today that it has reached an important milestone: one billion SSL / TLS certificates released for connections HTTPS, completely free of charge. The first is dated September 14, 2015. To understand how a surge has occurred in the last period, it is sufficient to mention that in June 2017 it had reached 100 million.

Let's Encrypt and HTTPS, one billion certificates

Success is also due to Certbot, an open source tool for obtaining and automatically renewing certificates as well as for configuring sites and portals, designed to simplify the life of those who manage them. The protocol used is ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment).

The will of the software houses and of the search engines has contributed to push the spread of HTTPS, Google above all: the Chrome browser, the current market leader, has already adopted more than one trick to convince webmasters to embrace end-to-end encryption in client-server communication.

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In celebrating the goal achieved, Let's Encrypt underlines how the landscape has changed in a short time: in June 2017 approximately 58% of the online pages were based on HTTPS (64% in the United States), while today it has reached 81 % in the world (91% in the USA). An undoubted step forward as regards privacy is safety in data transmission.

The initiative was put in place in 2012 by members of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla Foundation and University of Michigan, collecting the following year's membership Internet Security Research Group who currently takes care of the project.

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