Office's new all-in-one app for Android: here's Excel

The new all-in-one application by Office up Android includes in one APK the three best known and most used tools of the suite Microsoft or Word, Excel and PowerPoint, also adding some interesting features such as digital conversion of paper documents and synchronization with Sticky Notes.

Office all-in-one for Android: Excel

By focusing on Excel, after opening a spreadsheet (creating it from scratch, starting from a predefined model or uploading it from the OneDrive cloud space) you are faced with an interface that while presenting elements reorganized with respect to the desktop layout includes everything you need to work on cells, formulas, graphs and tables. The latter can also be generated automatically by framing one with the phone's camera, then intervening manually where corrections are needed.

The new version of Excel for Android, included in the Microsoft Office all-in-one application

To download the all-in-one app Office on Android (smartphone only) you can refer to the platform Play Store of Google.

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