novelties for the autocompletion of the modules

Browsing we often come across the need to fill out forms with data regarding, for example, username and password for authentication, addresses for shipping a product, payment methods for the purchase and so on. An operation that modern browsers simplify alongside the user with the automatic compilation based on information already entered. In this regard, Google intends to take a step forward with Chrome.

New features for auto-completing modules in Chrome

To talk about the always well-informed site Android Police, after collecting some reports from its users. The Mountain View group has started the test phase of a partial makeover that affects theinterface on mobile devices. As you can see in the attached screenshots below, the auto-complete suggestions are integrated directly into the system keyboard instead of being shown in pop-ups like today.

Chrome and new ways to automatically fill in forms

The activation of the novelty occurs for all those who use the Dev and Canary versions of Chrome, while in the stable version they must be manually enabled via flag. You must type "chrome: // flags" (without quotes) in the address bar and then act on "# autofill-keyboard-accessory-view" (for passwords) and "# enable-autofill-manual-fallback" (for addresses and payment methods).

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No revolution, just a different organization of information on the Chrome screen. Since this is an experimental feature, as often happens in these cases, imagine that before a large-scale rollout in the stable version of the browser it is necessary to collect feedback and reports.

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