no one will listen to Skype conversations in China anymore

In recent days, yet another report concerning the methods of treatment of voice commands and conversations: some of those acquired by Microsoft through services Skype is Cortana ended up on third-party terminals that took care of their transcription in order to improve the algorithms used, but without integrating adequate systems to ensure their safety.

Skype and transcripts: no more audio in China

In response to what emerged, the Redmond group immediately declared that they had reviewed the practice "by moving operations to some secure structures located in a few countries". Subsequently, by means of a new short press release entrusted to the editorial staff of The Verge website, the company specifies that the structures in question are all outside the China, adding the following.

If there is questionable behavior or a possible violation by one of our suppliers, we investigate and implement the necessary countermeasures.

It is not the first time that we talk about issues related to audio transcriptions of conversations or voice commands and potential risks to privacy. Last year, all the best known ended up under the magnifying glass virtual assistants in circulation: from Alexa to Cortana, up to Siri and Google Assistant, now integrated not only on smartphones, but also on speakers and other products intended for the home environment.

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The companies responsible for IA they ran for cover in a short time by changing the audio collection and analysis methods, also guaranteeing users one greater transparency regarding their processing, with the common goal of avoiding repercussions on their reputation which could result in a compromise of trust and subsequently in a loss of market share.

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