No duties on imports from China for Apple?

As anticipated, yesterday Donald Trump visited the plant in Apple in Texas where the new Mac Pro is assembled, accompanied by Tim Cook. At the end of the tour, a reporter asked the US president if the possibility of releasing the Cupertino company from the obligation to pay the new duties on the imports from China (effective from 15 December) whether founded or not. This is his answer.

The problem is related to Samsung. It's a big company, but also a competitor to Apple. It would not be correct, as we have an important trade agreement with South Korea. We should treat Apple the same way.

No new Chinese duty for Apple?

The reference is to the competitor Samsung and the agreements signed with the country that hosts both its headquarters and its production facilities. The brand, we remember, is the first smartphone manufacturer in the world, ahead of Huawei and the same bitten apple.

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In these days Apple has announced the realization of a new campus in Texas which will open its doors by 2022 by initially hosting 5,000 employees and then arriving at full capacity to accept the triple. A prospect of a certain eye on Trump.

In the past, the relationship between the tycoon and the Cupertino CEO was not without its tensions. Prior to his election to the White House in 2016, Trump launched an appeal for boycott Apple products. A few months ago he firmly asked the company to produce his devices in the United States if he intends to avoid the new duties. In March he even wrong the surname of the number one of the bitten apple, calling it Tim Apple and causing an amused social reaction of the latter. Then a meeting in the summer seems to have contributed to calm the waters and today the possibility of saving the extra payment on imports is not denied.

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