Nike stops selling products directly on Amazon

After two years of testing, Nike has decided to stop direct selling of his articles on Amazon. It will do so through its own store and through its own applications, without excluding, however, further partnerships with other online sellers and with e-commerce platforms other than Jeff Bezos.

Nike: stop direct sales on Amazon

Considering that a survey conducted by Morgan Stanley in 2017 attributed to Nike the palm of the best-selling clothing brand on Amazon, how do you explain the decision? The reasons are to be found in the fact that the debut on the store two years ago had the declared purpose of exercising greater control over what is present in the catalog, so as to settle a decisive blow to the scourge of forgery.

Today's decision seems to suggest that the results achieved are not entirely satisfactory. The company confirms in any case that i third party vendors will be able to continue to offer shoes and clothes of the brand on Amazon.

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A model of Nike shoes for sale on Amazon

The colossus of thee-commerce is aware of the problem and has already put in place several initiatives with the aim of remedying them. The last in chronological order is named Project Zero and was announced in March: the producers are able to eliminate from the platform the non-original items in a completely autonomous and immediate way, without having to face expectations with the obligation to switch from Amazon support.

However, the partnership between Nike and the Seattle group is not interrupted: the Oregon group will continue to rely on the services of AWS for managing your business in the cloud.

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