NFON, sponsor of the radio program The mosquito

What is happening in the corporate communications sector? Technological evolution takes us in a direction projected to digital transformation, a revolution in which all the businesses of the market will have to conform to grow and look to the future.

Cloudya, the PBX switchboard proposed by NFON it therefore represents the decisive turning point for companies that intend to increase their profits by creating an effective, simple and fast communication network, capable of meeting the needs of their customers and optimizing the working conditions of their employees.

The new generation telephone switchboard developed by NFON, the only pan-European provider of Cloud PBX, is a fully digital communication system that uses the internet line for all internal and external communications to companies.

A sistem innovative and functional which does not require any installation, which drastically reduces management costs and significantly increases the functionality of the system, allowing company employees to use it even off-site, simply by using an internet connection.

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An important change for companies, able to optimize employee performance, increase business flexibility and speed up the resolution processes requested by customers. All at significantly reduced costs compared to those imposed by the installation and management of a traditional switchboard.

NFON will shortly take part in the sponsorship of the radio program The mosquito broadcasted on Radio 24, where he will participate in radio broadcasting for about 3 weeks. An important project during which it will be possible to learn more about the interesting and innovative innovative developments launched on the market through the distribution of the Cloud PBX.

Sponsored by NFON

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