NFON, CloudPBX on tour in Italy

There are 6 dates announced by NFON for his next Italian tour which will start on October 24th 2019. Single service provider CloudPBX in Europe, NFON will present its winning revolutionary idea in the world of professional telephony in 6 different Italian cities. The planned stages will be the following:

  • 24 October: Milan – Tag Calabiana
  • 25 October: Piacenza – Urban Hub
  • 28 October: Ferrara – Wunderkammer Consortium
  • 29 October: Udine – Lino’s & Co.
  • 30 October: Verona – Villa Modena Coworking


The main objective of the tour is to be able to make people known innovative NFON solutions to companies of over 50 employees. The representatives of the selected companies will be invited to participate in one of the planned stages, in order to illustrate in more detail the innovative features of the CloudPBX services offered. Only in the Milan stage, the participating company representatives will be around 50. And it will be in Milan that will intervene as moderator of the stage Germano Lanzoni, flexible man and attentive to market trends, just like NFON.

The start-ups involved will play a very important role during the tour: approaching new businesses with a flexible, scalable and immediate professional telephony system can be decisive for the complete success of a new project.

Structured companies, as well as those facing only new businesses today, will be made aware of the incredible impact that CloudPBX can bring in economic, organizational and technical terms. A technological revolution that aims at simplification and immediacy, with highly effective results and reduced costs compared to traditional switchboards.

MelisMelis, a communication company that boasts collaborations with giants of the market and that has a deep knowledge of the world of events in the territory was selected by NFON as a "technical" partner during the entire duration of the scheduled tour.

The NFON tour

Germano Lanzoni: moderator in Milan for the first stop on the NFON tour

It will be Germano Lanzoni, a well-known Milanese actor and entertainer to participate in the first stage of the NFON tour as moderator of the event. The presentation of CloudPBX's innovative services will be accompanied by the ironic and fascinating personality of Italy's most famous communicators. Yes, because the "Milanese ugly"He is certainly not just a comedian, but also a highly skilled character on market trends and unquestionably stimulating thanks to his marked charismatic skills.

On October 24, 2019, the delicate task of directing the event in Milan will be handed over in his hands, recreating a pleasant atmosphere that knows how to deepen the new service offered by NFON, capable of revolutionizing corporate communication systems, in every aspect. reducing costs, significantly increasing efficiency and optimizing business processes.
NFON therefore wanted to inaugurate the tour accompanying a character characterized by the same strengths that the company boasts: an innovative, charismatic, flexible and direct essence.

Germano Lanzoni

A training event must surely have as its first objective to better illustrate the characteristics of a revolutionary and innovative product or service, deepening in the best way all the aspects related to them, but this does not mean that the event cannot be accompanied by a harmonious and light climate; nuances that a personality like that of Germano Lanzoni will surely be able to give to all the participants of the Milanese day.

NFON chooses MelisMelis as its technical partner for its tour

Accompanying NFON on his tour starting October 24, 2019 will be MelisMelis, a solid, medium-sized communication agency that boasts collaborations with real giants on different business markets. Examples of this are Samsung, which has entrusted MelisMelis with the offline and online communication of the telephony division and the large U2 supermarket chain to which MelisMelis created the advertising campaign.
NFON met them during the events of AHK, the Italo-Germanic chamber of commerce, promoter of economic relations between Italian and German companies, to which it joined as a German company. During this meeting, the representatives of NFON were able to find in the agency a particular talent in the field of communication, so as to choose them as technical partners of their next Italian tour scheduled for October.

What unites these two realities is the desire to reach the result directly, without taking winding roads. Two simple, solid, determined realities with the aim of making goals with clear and immediate solutions. Simplifying the work of others, in technology as in communication, makes these two companies capable of doing an excellent job, one next to the other.

We therefore trust in a full success for the opening of the tour organized by NFON in collaboration with MelisMelis which will be held on October 1st in Milan, and which in correspondence with the first date of the tour includes a speech by Germano Lanzoni, a well-known television personality of Milanese origin, as mediator of the event.


Nhospitality is a cloud communication service that allows hotels to optimize all communication processes related to services, without any additional hardware or software that can be integrated with most of the PMS used. It is the NFON solution, the one that will be presented at the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini on October 9th, 10th and 11th 2019, where operators from all over the world will meet. This is the fair – the only one in Italy entirely b2b, business to business – that allows companies, whether public or private belonging to the sector, to meet companies that deal with national and international tourism products.

Everything is simplified in an instant: with Nhospitality, in fact, every communication on the various activities carried out is brought together in a single interface, easy to use, absolutely intuitive. In this way it is easier to manage not only the activities of the company but also the communications, both those with internal staff and those with hotel guests.

With Nhospitality, the personalization of hotel services is greater and this type of solution guarantees greater flexibility and also remote management. Better also the services regarding room calls, with the possibility of integration on mobile. Furthermore, it is certainly an advantage to have a full-cloud platform available.

NFON, with its service, aims to reduce at least 50% of the management and maintenance costs of switchboards, giving its customers the possibility to use their company telephone virtually from anywhere, provided they have the possibility – through iOS and Android, Apple and Windows in the case of PCs – to connect to the network. All to guarantee flexibility in the field of human resources but also flexibility in all services for its customers.

The CloudPBX: an innovative and winning choice

The company telephone system of Virtual Private Branch eXchange in Cloud or VirtualnPBX represents the optimal solution for professional telephony. The choice of the most suitable solution for business needs must always take into account 3 fundamental factors: optimization of technological processes, efficiency and cost containment.

From a technical point of view we can talk about 3 types of switchboard currently on the market: the classic ISDN, the VoiP and the CloudPBX. In the first two cases we talk about hardware that requires local installations and constant updates, finding, in many cases, limits that are difficult to overcome in integration with other IT systems. What does this look like? Additional installation and maintenance costs and an objective sore point regarding technological evolution.

The NFON CloudPBX, proposed as a winning alternative to traditional switchboards, offers a totally virtual service, able to integrate ad hoc with any company system, without the need for maintenance contracts, configurations or continuous updates during its use. Everything happens only through the cloud. A single recurring fee. The management and assistance costs will be borne by the Internet Telephony Service Provider or ITSP.

Savings and optimization of technological processes are therefore guaranteed. But the quality? Can we fully rely on the efficiency of this system? The answer is yes. The ITSP takes over the service at 360 degrees, guaranteeing optimal performance obtained thanks to the use of highly reliable carrier class infrastructures. A high quality service with greatly reduced operating costs.

In addition to the basic functions that any switchboard can provide (waiting service, call forwarding, answering machine) the CloudPBX offers innovative and advanced features that further increase the quality of the service, such as the virtual fax machine (capable of making digital the reception of a fax), integration with electronic devices of common use (PC, tablet or smartphone) and the sorting of waiting call queues.

CloudPBX: Italian market vs European market

$ 4 billion is the estimated market value in 2016, with an assumed annual rate growth of 14%. A constant trend until the year 2025. Other statistics even forecast annual growth of more than 15%. Although these data are a sign of an evident revolution in the field of professional telephony, Italy is among the most hesitant (unmotivably) about the approach with the PBX in the cloud. At the moment, the communications cloud services do not exceed 2%.

NFON, the only pan-European CloudPBX provider, focuses on more information to quickly grow the still modest Italian percentages.


The lack of information regarding this innovative choice is certainly the main responsible for this timid expansion on the Italian territory. The advantages of the PBX in the cloud are many, starting from the reduction of costs and the elimination of maintenance, passing from the perfect integration with the company software and concluding with the very high efficiency of the service totally managed by the supplier.

Cloud services have reached 2.3 billion euros in Italy, which means that compared to 2017, we see growth of 19%. We therefore expect an explosion in the cloud exchange market in a short time. The Cloud Transformation Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano provides us with data reflecting the positive effect found by ICT solution providers of SaaS application software (Software as a Service). Effect that will inevitably lead to a gradual innovation of the relationship with customers.

The Cloud represents a turning point for Big Data Analytics (52%) and Collaboration (49%). It is good to remember the almost constant integration of Collaboration applications with those of Communication, so much so as to indicate with the formula Unified Communication and Collaboration structures in which productivity platforms converge with VoIP platforms and instant messaging.

So here is the main reason why the telephone switchboard has all the features to reach large numbers even in Italy in a short time, approaching in a short time the numbers produced in Europe.

Benefits of a PBX in the cloud

It is not a trivial choice or a minor one. Choosing a traditional switchboard or one in the cloud for your company can only contribute to the efficiency of the company itself. There are now many possible solutions that have come to complement the traditional products, the most popular ones.

In a world in constant evolution, we must not think of telephony simply as the possibility of using certain functions. The great advantage, one of many, of innovation (and therefore of new switchboards) is precisely that of the alternative communication solutions that it brings with it. Like those proposed by NFON, the only pan-European CloudPBX provider.

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Contacts with customers, communication at the level of the most widespread personnel, the possibility of choosing the voice or digital channels. This is another of the advantages of the non-traditional switchboard: the ability to communicate with their employees wherever they are and with any device.

Making the most of the cloud means having the possibility for every company to have a switchboard that can best integrate with business software. It means eliminating the maintenance costs that with the traditional switchboard always belong to the company. Not to mention the fact that based on the current legislation (law 109 – DM 314) on the installation, connection and testing of telecommunications equipment, the law clearly states that non-self-installing switchboards must be installed and tested by companies that have authorization from the Ministry of Communications and are able to issue the certification necessary to operate.

Therefore, choosing a PBX in the cloud like that of NFON has many economic advantages, having lower management costs. Not only that, given that being able to refer to a highly specialized service provider in the sector, it also means having ample assurances that you are compliant with the laws.

Cost reduction

Efficiency and cost reduction: two magic words that with PBX technology – Private Branch Exchange – like that of NFON (the first company in Europe for these services) can only benefit companies. Why choose if you want to save money? Here's the answers. First of all we start from the installation costs. Those who know and use analogue switchboards, ISDN ones, know that these are based on a certain type of investment. Translated: those in hardware or other goods that have a cost both at the time of installation and in terms of periodic fee for its use.

Obviously there are other variables: for example the tariffs that refer to the call volumes but also the active numbers. With the PBX in the cloud the costs are lowered: you can in fact spread the costs listed above in a given period, that of use. From installation costs to maintenance costs that involve personnel. Usually with analog, in case of malfunction for example, it is possible that the expectations are not so short. Instead the switchboard in the cloud has a monthly fee that provides for the updating of the devices and also its maintenance.

Video call

In cloud also means flexible: what does it mean with analogue to just move a device from one room to another? Involve your supplier and have to face the costs for the various interventions. With the switchboard in the cloud the music changes, due to the absence of physical structures. Speeding up the job also saves a lot of precious time for every company: being able to associate only one telephone number per user to any device, be it a tablet, a mobile phone or a computer, it will be possible to guarantee the availability of collaborators on the job.

Thanks to'Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC), through which employees' communication flows are brought together and linked to company productivity tools, response times are optimized and therefore costs are contained.

The security of a PBX in the cloud

A telephone switchboard has a decisive impact on good performance and business management. The company's productivity can be closely linked to the efficiency of the chosen telephone system. The correct choice of an evolutionary solution in the field of professional telephony facilitates this process, guaranteeing optimal performance both by voice and by digital channels.

Good communication between employees is as important as that between company and customer. The direction taken by the evolution of technological processes makes it possible to work anywhere in the world, through effective communication systems. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to offer very high quality systems, which guarantee a highly effective, reliable and safe communication flow.

Traditional systems often offer switchboards managed by external suppliers, with functions now known to anyone with an office-based profession: multiple line management, answering machine, incoming call queue management, call transfer and call conference with three participants. The limits of integration with company software are frequent and constant assistance is required for any change you choose to make.

The switchboard in the cloud is able to overcome all the limits imposed by traditional systems and does not involve any initial investment. A periodic fixed price is granted which includes the total management of the service by the supplier, including technical assistance and maintenance costs. The Virtual Private Branch Exchange makes communication tools more stable and limits wasted time, often due to the inefficiency of traditional services. NFON, a leading company in Europe for the supply of CloudPBX services, offers a complete service, suitable for any professional need.

The greater number of features compared to a traditional switchboard further increases its reliability and quality level, guaranteeing a solid, simple to use and highly effective service. The digitization of faxes, integration with mobile devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) and the correct sorting of telephone queues are only part of the added values ​​that make the system better than the now obsolete traditional methods.

A telephone switchboard compliant with the new regulations

The differences between a traditional telephone switchboard and a CloudPBX are easily found. The management costs are zeroed, the quality of the service is of the highest level, the features are multiplied and the time to devote to updates and assistance can be dedicated to something else. This framework would be enough to choose to become part of the world of cloud switchboards, but there is more.

The current legislation (law 109 – DM 314) concerning the installation, connection and testing of telecommunication equipment states the following: non-self-installing switchboards must be installed and tested by companies authorized by the Ministry of Communications and are able to issue the certification necessary to operate.

This point determines a further fundamental added value of the CloudPBX supplied by NFON, which being self-installing, it does not need any authorization from the Ministry of Communications.

Furthermore, one year after the entry into force of the GDR – General Data Protection Regulation – the fact that the data passing through the telecommunications networks and therefore also the switchboards must not comply with the legal requirements must not be forgotten. Reason for which it is very important that the services used are equipped with technologies for the encryption of sensitive information and publication in redundant data centers. The CloudPBX switchboard has advanced technologies that allow it to comply with all current regulations.

The flexibility of a PBX in the cloud

The virtual revolution, if we want to call it that, brings great advantages for those who decide to abandon the analogue switchboard, the traditional one, to take advantage of a constantly updated technology in continuous evolution. Having a PBX in the cloud like the one provided by NFON, CloudPBX's only pan-European provider, means being able to enjoy greater flexibility in every field.

A PBX in the cloud can indeed be able to completely change the perspective of a company's work. Calling and reaching any person wherever they are will become very easy. This is because this type of solution will make it possible to make or receive calls from computers, tablets and not just landlines or mobile phones. In this way there will be no need to be in a purely "physical" place but you can be reached anywhere. No geographical limitation: at any time and in any place, employees can be put into communication using the mobile phone or computer and increase the number of users.

All this thanks to the services, those of the switchboards in the cloud, extraordinarily evolved and designed for a world that now runs fast in search of increasingly updated solutions. In addition to managing multiple telephone numbers, a PBX in the cloud is also able to do the same with a mail account, with messaging. In addition, it is also possible to share the desktop of your PC – the desktop sharing – or individual documents, so as to increase your flexibility and be able to deal with them even from miles away. In addition, some cloud switchboards can communicate directly with business applications: a way for the user to initiate phone calls from the business application and be able to record their content.

Flexibility in your workplace and greater guarantees, such as the possibility of totally relying on those who manage the service, in the event of problems or malfunctions.

The additional services of a PBX in the cloud

The choice of a CloudPBX switchboard allows us not only to contain costs and eliminate management puzzles, but also to access a whole series of additional features not present in a traditional switchboard that requires installation.

NFON, European leader in CloudPBX service delivery, offers a complete and effective service at greatly reduced costs: Cloudya.
Real time services are widely used in work environments and allow for more immediate interaction and highly positive feedback in terms of business productivity. The CloudPBX can in fact manage many telephone numbers and mail accounts, as well as various messaging systems and collaboration tools.

It is also possible to carry out video conferences, share screens or files and in some cases also dialogue with business applications such as CRMs: the connection with the application makes it possible to automatically record the content and note personal feedback.

The virtual fax machine function is another important CloudPBX innovation that allows you to receive faxes automatically digitized by the virtual service. Even the sorting of incoming call queues in a more organized and intelligent way makes the service highly efficient and decisive.

Finally it is possible integrate the service with desk devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets, functionality that allows us to use the service conveniently, wherever we are. The combination of these useful and innovative added features determines an immediate improvement of the business processes, facilitating communication with customers and with the same collaborators of the company operating in smart working or in a period of business travel.

The partner program

CloudPBX resellers are found following a selection that takes into account the leadership position of the vendor on the market and demonstrates a certified level of carrier class to ensure maximum availability, avoiding retailers that offer outdated and outdated solutions.

Once selected, the retailer enters the partner program which consists of an initial training on the characteristics of the service and on the most suitable sales techniques for the presentation of the service offered.

The partners will enter the framework of the partner program, characterized by incentives divided by type of retailer and related customer base.
The agreement signed between NFON (first Cloud PBX provider in Europe) and partners has as its main characteristics transparency and convenience. At the same time, CloudPBX will have the main objective of improving communication processes by facilitating work on the move and optimizing work communications during travel periods.

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The lower costs of a traditional and optimized service, paid monthly on payment at a previously agreed fixed price and the elimination of hardware with relative maintenance make the service immediately attractive, which if sold with the necessary information on functionality and features will be easily sold by partners.

What are the advantages of becoming a CloudPBX partner?

Digital distribution is radically revolutionizing the technologies that the last 20 years have made available in the professional field. System virtualization allows us to change perspective, identifying a service in the concept of corporate switchboard and not a product. No longer an object purchased in short, but a service totally managed by the supplier.

The Cloud PBX system provided by NFON, the only provider in Europe, has found great successes in many countries in Europe and in the United States, but still finding some difficulties to expand rapidly in Italy. This is because the lack of information regarding this innovative system often intimidates users, not knowing their incredible potential yet.

To date, IT and telephony retailers are at a crossroads: on the one hand, the road to innovation and technological evolution with highly competitive offers on the market and an inevitable growth in demand from users, which they will have to adapt to the innovation already adopted by many other countries of the world, on the other a backward path, which does not look to the future and which is destined in a short time to eliminate itself from the market, finding itself competing with those who have decided to embrace the 'evolution.

Faced with such a perspective, the resellers have a strong interest in proceeding towards the start of a partnership for the sale of the switchboard in the cloud in their activities. A Partner Program with incentives divided according to the type of retailer and the related customer base. The partnership will be accompanied by a training period regarding the technical specifications of the product and the best sales methods appropriate to the CloudPBX. The partner, to keep the collaboration open over time, will have to demonstrate a proven leadership position on the market deriving from high architectural standards.

The tax advantages of a CloudPBX switchboard

When choosing a cloud phone system, different from the traditional ISDN or analogue switchboard, the resulting tax advantages should not be underestimated. For the CloudPBX (like that of NFON, a leading company in Europe in this sector), in fact, the hardware component is rather marginal and this means that this component is part of the assets rented. It is an operational rental and is already used by many companies for other goods, such as computers or printers. A model that can also be applied to telephony, in this case to the PBX in the cloud.

What are the advantages in tax terms? First of all, that of theelimination of amortization and management charges for company assets. Not only that, since for IRES, IRAP rental fees are deductible and also deductible for VAT. This eliminates the distinction between financial charges and principal amount since everything can be deducted for cash. An advantage even higher than that of leasing because in this last case the financial charges would not be deductible for VAT purposes and above all at the end of the period initially agreed the asset must be redeemed. This does not happen with CloudPBX, since we are talking about a type of switchboard that is constantly evolving and its redemption years later would be that of something outdated.

On the one hand the analogue, whose contract is based on the purchase of an instrumental asset, on the other the virtual, where instead it is a matter of hiring that good.

Everything goes in favor of a technology that at the moment is a novelty in the Italian territory but that globally is having a very strong growth.
The latest studies – such as the one entitled Global Cloud for PBX Market Research Report – Forecast 2023, conducted by Market Research Future, predicts such growth that by 2023 the value of the Cloud switchboard market will reach 20, 83 billion dollars.

ISDN, VoIP or Cloud: which technology to choose?

The intention to install a telephone switchboard within your company requires some important information to make a choice that brings real added value to the company. Before relying on a version of PBX (Private Branch Exchange) it is necessary to make some assessments including costs, effectiveness and technical management. The Switchboard in the cloud, or CloudPBX is a revolutionary system that introduces a new way of conceiving the concept of switchboard.

Traditional systems, called ISDN and VoIP, require an on-site installation of the chosen device, which must necessarily be connected to the company's telephone line. This means that in addition to installation costs, we will necessarily need, throughout the period of operation of the traditional switchboard, technical assistance related to maintenance, reconfigurations, updates and any technical failures.

And here is the first substantial difference between a traditional switchboard and a CloudPBX. Quest’ultimo infatti elimina totalmente i costi di gestione, assistenza ed installazione, non essendo legato ad alcun hardware che metta in moto il sistema. Basterà una connessione internet per il traffico voce ed il servizio potrà essere attivato senza alcun costo di installazione. Inoltre il pagamento del servizio è concordato su canone mensile ed include qualunque spesa di gestione, compresi eventuali guasti o malfunzionamenti.

I centralini tradizionali sono spesso soggetti a guasti che portano per esasperazione alla totale sostituzione dell’apparecchiatura. Che sia un sistema ISDN o VoIP la probabilità di incappare in continue richieste di interventi tecnici è molto alta, rischiando di aumentare i già elevati costi di gestione e manutenzione ordinaria. Se includiamo poi la possibilità che l’azienda possegga diverse sedi collocate in diversi paesi il problema è ancora più difficile da affrontare e risolvere definitivamente.

Il CloudPBX fornito da NFON, unico provider europeo, innesca delle economie di scala estendibili sia all’interno di un unico ufficio sia in più sedi, anche collocate all’estero.

Anche la scarsa produttività o la mobilità rallentata di un sistema tradizionale obsoleto si possono trasformare in un aumento di spesa aziendale o, in alternativa, ad un rallentamento della produttività interna. Una scelta non ponderata di un tradizionale PBX determinerà un ritardo nell’innovazione dei sistemi di comunicazione ed un inevitabile impedimento di una corretta distribuzione delle risorse economiche interne.

Ottimizzazione dei processi

Una volta appurato il risparmio economico e di tempo, dato dall’eliminazione della gestione di assistenza e manutenzione del servizio, passiamo ora ad un altro importantissimo valore aggiunto strettamente legato al CloudPBX. Durante la scelta del PBX più idoneo alle necessità aziendali è necessario soffermarsi sull’insieme di funzionalità offerte da ogni tipo di prodotto in commercio. Alcune di queste sono presenti in tutti i sistemi in commercio, (quali servizio di segreteria telefonica, la musica di attesa, l’inoltro di chiamate su specifici interni) altre invece possono essere fornite unicamente da un servizio di CloudPBX.

Il fax virtuale ad esempio permette di digitalizzare automaticamente i fax in arrivo, lo smistamento intelligente delle code consente di ottimizzare i tempi di attesa delle chiamate in entrata, l’integrazione con dispositivi mobili da scrivania consente invece di poter usufruire del servizio anche se non si trova all’interno degli uffici.

Un notevole miglioramento dei processi aziendali dunque, che semplifica il lavoro e riduce lo spreco di tempo dovuto a sistemi tradizionali e spesso obsoleti. Una lunga serie di servizi aggiuntivi mirati ad ottimizzare i processi aziendali permette una collaborazione in real time, quali videochiamate, condivisione di file e desktop, strumenti di collaboration, gestione di più numeri telefonici e account di posta elettronica.
Cloudya, il sistema telefonico proposto da NFON, unico provider di servizi di CloudPBX in Europa, fornisce un servizio completo e adatto a qualunque esigenza aziendale.


Un fenomeno in ascesa, qualcosa che potrebbe cambiare ancor più di adesso il modo di approcciarsi al mondo specialmente da parte delle aziende. Smartworking: un approccio completamente diverso al mondo del lavoro, un approccio “smart” che anche in Italia ormai si sta diffondendo. E così sono sempre più in aumento per esempio i dipendenti o collaboratori che lavorano da remoto, sia nelle aziende private che nella pubblica amministrazione. Per sposare la definizione che ne ha dato l’Osservatorio del Politecnico di Milano è una “filosofia manageriale fondata sulla restituzione alle persone di flessibilità e autonomia”. Flessibilità negli orari ma anche negli strumenti da utilizzare: non è semplicemente “lavorare ovunque ci si trovi” ma è un vero e proprio cambiamento nell’organizzazione del lavoro stesso.

I benefici sono doppi: ce ne sono per i lavoratori ma anche per le aziende. E proprio le aziende, per stare al passo con i tempi, per andare incontro alle esigenze dei propri collaboratori e reperirli in qualsiasi momento potendo sfruttare questa flessibilità a proprio vantaggio, si dotano ormai dei sistemi tecnologici più evoluti. Quelli, per esempio, che danno modo di comunicare nel minor tempo possibile, riuscendo così ad ottimizzare i risultati. In questo contesto si inseriscono sistemi telefonici come quelli di NFON e il suo Cloudya: smart lo è davvero, perché non fisicamente installato in un luogo ben preciso, perché consente la comunicazione con qualsiasi mezzo e non semplicemente con il telefono. Tablet, pc, telefoni: quella di NFON e dei centralini in cloud è proprio la risposta alla domanda sempre più crescente di smartworking.

Il cloud del resto è un fenomeno crescente, perché garantisce una maggiore scalabilità, flessibilità, efficienza e velocità. Per parlare di dati ben precisi, secondo stime effettuate da IDC, Gartner e McKinsey, la crescita del mercato per quel settore è del 20% all’anno. Le previsioni dicono che questo sarà il modello che sempre più si insinuerà, sostituendo pian piano l’approccio più tradizionale.

Innovazione tecnologica

Cosa significa davvero “innovazione tecnologica”? Possiamo genericamente definirla come l’attività di imprese che mirano ad introdurre servizi e prodotti innovativi, nonché numerose metodologie atte alla loro produzione. L’innovazione tecnologica può essere di due diversi tipi: incrementale o radicale.

L’incrementale aumenta la qualità di un prodotto o un servizio già esistente, il radicale invece è un prodotto che rappresenta un importante salto di qualità che prevede l’introduzione radicale di un nuovo prodotto o servizio non ancora in commercio.

Per comprendere a fondo il concetto di innovazione possiamo prendere in esempio un nuovo tipo di centralino in cloud, proposto da NFON, prima azienda in Europa per la fornitura di servizi di cloud. Un servizio altamente innovativo che si inserisce tra il miglioramento di un prodotto già esistente e una rivoluzione radicale nel mondo comunicazione. Il CloudPBX rappresenta un’evoluzione tecnologica molto importante nel campo della telefonia professionale che possiamo definire incrementale rispetto ai tradizionali centralini ancora in uso (ISDN e VoIP) ma radicale in base al suo totale sconvolgimento tecnologico: un centralino che non va installato e che non necessita di hardware e manutenzione, ma solo di una linea internet a cui essere collegato.

L’innovazione tecnologica deve portare principalmente una riduzione di costi, di tempi e di problemi di gestione ottimizzando i processi aziendali e facilitando il lavoro dei suoi utilizzatori. Quando il prodotto innovativo rispecchia il quadro indicato, ci sono ottime probabilità che l’innovazione si espanda molto velocemente nel giro di breve tempo.

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