NFON announces an important partnership with Lantech Lonwave

The market of professional telephony is undergoing a decisive revolution for the future of companies, projecting the communication systems in a totally digital direction. NFON, the only pan-European provider of services in Cloud PBX, has launched in Italy the Cloud PBX switchboard, which stands out from traditional methods in terms of efficiency, drastic reduction of management costs and increase in business flexibility.

An innovative product that uses the Internet connection for internal and external communications to the company, improving employee performance and speeding up the resolution processes of its customers.

The system of Cloud PBX developed by NFON does not require initial installations and ordinary and extraordinary management by the company, which can immediately enjoy the exclusive advantages brought by the new generation virtual switchboard, which can be easily integrated with the internal applications used by the company.

NFON announces an important partnership with Lantech Longwave, a system integrator specialized in Unified Communication, Data Security, Networking and Data Center.

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The established partnership stems from the desire to combine the highest levels of technological competence of Longwave with the revolutionary and innovative service of NFON Cloud switchboard able to meet the needs of all companies that want to look to the future. A winning collaboration that involves three different markets.

The first is made up of small and medium enterprises needing to improve business efficiency. The territorial capillarity belonging to Lantech will help NFON to accompany them in this fundamental evolutionary path.

The second market is represented by the sector Hospitality: NFON has in fact designed a Cloud PBX system dedicated to the hotel sector that can reduce management costs and significantly increase service performance.

The third market is represented by the companies they use Microsoft Officie 365 in combination with Teams, the application aimed at online collaboration. In fact, NFON's services guarantee total integration with internal applications and Lantech Longwave, Microsoft's long-standing partner, has many customers looking for valid professional telephony solutions that can be easily integrated with their systems.

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