New goal for Facebook Workplace: three million subscribers

According to what the social network states in blue, Workplace it is "the place where teams connect to work". Launched in 2016 by Facebook and aimed specifically at a target group of professionals, it now has three million paid users. A significant growth if we compare the number with the goal of two million cut in February this year.

Facebook Workplace, three million premium accounts

The announcement announcing it mentions BT, Sky, Petco, Prada and Kering among the companies that in 2019 have chosen to rely on the service. They are added to an already rather substantial list that includes Walmart, Starbucks, Campbell, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia, EasyJet, Zurich, NAB, Vodafone, Spotify,, Lyft, Deliveroo and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Below is the table with i prices of the offered subscriptions: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.

Facebook Workplace prices

On the occasion, during the conference Flow 2019, the team at work on Workplace announced the introduction of new features dedicated to video collaboration: compatibility with devices in the Portal line, a peer-to-peer technology that improves performance by optimizing the traffic generated and the display of subtitles processed in real time by an AI system. Then there are news for the so-called frontline worker constantly engaged "in the field", for the contents dedicated to training of collaborators or employees, the statistics platform Insights and goals to be achieved for team members.

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Considering Facebook's reputation for safety, Workplace puts on paper already on the homepage of your site the obtaining of certifications linked to the management of data that takes place in compliance with ISO27001, ISO27018, SOC2, SOC3 standards and in compliance with the provisions of the European GDPR legislation.

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