new gestures in version 80

The operating system Chrome OS was born with the declared purpose of offering a platform always automatically updated and able to run smoothly even on cheap laptops with low-profile hardware specifications. Objective achieved, as evidenced by the diffusion of the range in the educational sphere. More recently, the project has faced a sort of path of convergence with the Android world, introducing support for applications downloadable from the Play Store and compatibility with tablets and other hybrid form factors equipped with touch display.

A look at what's new in Chrome 80

The use of gesture, already activated (through a specific flag) in version 79 and enriched by new types of interactions with the beta of the release 80 at the debut in these days: swipe up to return to the main screen (if you stop a short distance from the bottom edge the dock is shown), drag towards the top of the panel for an overview of the running app and swipe from left to right to go back (the latter still does not seem to work properly). The examples in the movie below.

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As written above, these are novelties discovered in the edition beta of the platform. It is not known whether they will make their debut in the definitive one. In any case, the road seems marked: the Mountain View platform is more and more touchscreen-friendly.

Google is also working to introduce a better organization of buttons and sliders for Chrome OS 80quick setting of system parameters, also in this case inspired by what is seen on Android.

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