new features for privacy and improved performance

The browser of the Norwegian software house is updated: it is now in rollout Opera 64. The developer promises users a strengthening of the protection systems set up to protect privacy and progress in terms of performance, so as to improve the Web browsing experience.

Opera 64: news and downloads

Including a tracker blocker that, based on the list EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List, prevents the pages you visit from tracking your online activities, an operation that most often has the purpose of profiling for advertising purposes. The optimizations made to the code also guarantee a + 20% speed in loading and rendering sites.

More Announcements they concern the possibility of saving the contents displayed in PDF format, of capturing a screenshot that includes a whole page and unpublished features for the crop of the images thus acquired, so as not to force the user to rely on external tools.

Those interested in testing the new Opera 64 can run the download directly from official site. To date, the browser holds 2.5% of market share globally (source StatCounter), positioning itself behind competitors like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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The gap with competitors is wide, but the software house has already demonstrated in the past the desire to address a particular niche of users, with features dedicated for example to the integrated management of criptovalute: version 60 introduced a wallet for this purpose on desktop platforms in recent months. Then there is the GX edition that automatically deals with optimizing the PC's resources to get the most out of gaming.

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