Netflix, exclusive content for Samsung smartphones

All those who will enjoy the contents of Netflix through your smartphone Samsung (maybe a brand new Galaxy S20) will also be able to enjoy completely exclusive content from the best programming series. "Narcos: Mexico","Tuning","Elite"And others will therefore be able to offer a completely unique experience to those who have chosen the Samsung / Netflix combo for their relaxation in their free time.

Netflix, exclusive content on the Galaxy

The agreement provides for one deeper integration between Netflix and Samsung devices (as well as the site and social channels) so that advice, additional content and exclusive experiences can reach the user to reward the joint choice on the two brands. In short, a co-marketing project that follows in many ways what Samsung has already put in place with Spotify – until allowing the user to choose the melody of their morning alarm clock right on the music streaming service.

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You can therefore see images of the "behind the scenes", you can launch films by talking to Bixby and more: Samsung intends to give value to the overall experience on its Galaxy devices and to do this here is the handshake with Spotify and Netflix. Great brands for great experiences, to the maximum expressing the unique value of feeling like Galaxy users.

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