NASA has photographed the monster in the space that is watching us

Other than asteroids and hostile forms of extraterrestrial life: the terror that comes from space has a threatening face, the one captured by the telescope Hubble and shared by NASA just on the eve of Halloween. The image shown here is not a render or an April Fool out of season, but a shot made by the equipment in orbit.

Two galaxies look at us threateningly, happy Halloween

Those that seem eyes they are actually the central nucleuses of two galaxies from the similar proportions entered in collision, immortalized in the fraction of a process long approximately one hundred million years. All around a vast volume of what astronomers call blue stars. A system classified by the US agency as Arp-Madore 2026-424 (AM 2026-42) which is 704 million light years from Earth.

The image captured by Hubble

If it is not uncommon to see similar phenomena, it is seen as a circular formation of this type, called "ring" by researchers. The observed phase will be followed by a merger that will be completed only within the next two billion years. For the occasion, NASA released a video in perfect style Halloween, with lots of themed fonts and terminology that has more points in common with a B movie of science fiction than with science: "monster", "dark depths of space", "terrifying", "disturbing discoveries" and "dance of destruction". In the film also the destiny of our planet and of all humanity:

Within four billion years our galaxy will clash with that of Andromeda, creating a new one from what will remain.

The image was captured by Hubble thanks to the program Snapshot fielded with the aim of exploiting the rare moments of pause in the telescope to aim his lens at the depths of space. Although the bizarre discovery was made known only today, the shot actually dates back to the past few months, more precisely to 19 June.

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